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IOTter is the Internet of Things and application solution platform that every interconnected business will need. IOTter simplifies the way companies can securely and robustly connect to their products and users, COLLECT Internet of Things data, CONTROL and MANAGE online their networks’ devices and data.


Building & home automation

– Access control
– Light and temperature control
– Energy optimization
– Connected appliance


– Predictive maintenance
– Manifacturing Execution Systems (MES)
– Indoor Air Quality
– Employee safety
– Asset indoor location

Health care

– Assistance for elderly or disabled people
– Remote monitoring
– Vital signs monitoring
– Hospital asset tracking


– Power consumption
– Security
– Vehicle management
– Infotainment

Smart Agriculture

– Water quality
– Pest control
– Optimal irrigation
– Farming decisions optimization


– Fitness
– Location and tracking
– Baby monitoring


– Items location
– Control of routes followed for delicate goods
– Storage Incompatibility Detection
– Enhancing In-Transit Visibility


– Improving customer experinces
– Optimizing inventory
– Wireless sensing and tracking
– Supply Chain Control

Security & Emergency

– Perimeter access control
– Radiation levels
– Safety detectors (e.g. fire, gas)
– Forest fire detection

Smart Metering

– Energy consumption monitoring
– Performance in solar energy plants
– Measurement of water pressure
– Silos Stock Calculation

Smart Cities

– Smart street lights
– Traffic control
– Surveillance cameras
– Parking spaces availability


– Monitor pollution level
– Monitor the quality of tap water in cities
– Forest Fire Detection
– Snow Level Monitoring


Connect your systems

IOTter is set to connect heterogeneous devices and systems, simplifying the configuration and the activation of monitoring and remote control.

IOTter supports the main M2M and IOT protocols (REST, CoAP, MQTT, FTP, …) as well as a proprietary protocol, conceived of for embedded micro-controller devices, with which it is possible to transfer any data model chosen by the customer and typical of the device to be connected.
Thanks to a mediation component, with a protocol adapter IOTter can also operate the server part of TCP/IP custom protocols.

The IOTter programme also includes two “IOTter edge modules”, IOTter Router and IOTter Lite Module, which allow for the retrofitting of already installed equipment or the implementation of products which are not suitable for connectivity.

Collect and archive data

The IOTter Platform’s software infrastructure has been designed to guarantee scalability and optimisation of access, storage and processing resources. With the SaaS model our customers can acquire only the required resources, and as requirements grow they can get new, targeted resources.

Moreover, the Cloud Platform guarantees high Reliability and Security standards, a 24/7 availability and the set up to provide for secure and robust solutions.

IOTter was also conceived of as an environment for fast, customised development and immediate deployment on the infrastructure.

Persistent data structure coming from network devices is carried out by NoSQL DB specific for Big Data Solutions, which allows for the storage of huge amounts of time series data, high writing and reading speed among a multitude of operating devices and heterogeneity of data types. It also provides for creation of clusters (distribution) so as to get horizontal scaling as well as data replication. This just adds up to a database design simplicity.

Analyse and Control

IOTter comes with a rich dashboard for the analysis of data collected by network devices. With IOTter it is possible to carry out extensive online functioning data analyses, and to gather indications of group systems. A real-time as well as a chronological environment to define graphic visualisations of single systems or group systems is also available, in addition to the possibility of exporting data or integrating with third-party analysis environments (Machine Learning, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, etc…)

IOTter allows for an easy setting of thresholds and alarms, it real-time collects all of the system’s alarms, spots the alarmed systems on map visualisations and notifies users and third-party systems of existing alarms.

IOTter is a “white label” solution, which comes with an admin web application with customised logos and colours targeted on the user, which is accessible both by the client’s personnel, and by external personnel involved in the system management (distributors, partners, technicians, service, etc…)

Thanks to IOTter’s modular architecture and to its dedicated programmatic interface (API) it is possible to develop client-customised applications, such as specific technician-targeted applications, integrations with the Client’s Information System, and apps for the final user’s mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

Remote Management

IOTter implements the Return Path towards connected devices, by which the Cloud Platform becomes a remote control system to communicate implementations and settings of single systems online.
The IOTter router magnifies these potentialities by allowing for a VPN NAT-Friendly, Point-to-Point connection that bypasses settings of peripheral network devices, firewalls and routers, by means of opening up a direct interface on the system on the Client’s desktop. It also allows for an IP protocol remotisation of a system serial.

The remote control function can be available for the users of the admin web application for the remote assistance of a single system, depending on the qualifications defined by the administrator, and hence to users external or internal to the organisation, carrying out service and operation functions.

It is also possible to use IOTter’s Return Path for custom applications, for example to give control of one’s own system to a final user using a mobile App.


IOTter provides the client with a general admin Dashboard, made up of a Web application which can be used on the main browsers, both on desktops and mobile devices, with screens ranging from traditional 17” to mobile devices’ 3,5”. The application layouts coherently suit screen dimensions (“Responsive Web Design”). The application is also accessible via the HTTPS safe protocol.

IOTter’s Web Application is a powerful and rapid tool to arrange, monitor, visualise and manage the systems connected to the platform.

The application hierarchically manages roles and structures the asset of devices and systems managed within networks to which different roles and responsibilities can be assigned ,according to their users.

For each system it is possible to visualise the function status, possible alarms, and to remote control the system modifying configuration settings and parameters.

For each system or system network it is possible to build complex visualisations of read measurements by means of different reports, which may be table- or graphic-based (lines, multilines, histograms, cakes, etc…).
It is possible to create graphic-shaped visualisations, SCADA like, with no need to write codes, or to render SVG blocks with a rendering engine which allows for complex animations.

A general interface allows for a concise view of the dislocation and status of the systems of a network on a geographical or on a customised map.
This view can be shared on public as well as private websites.

IOTter Router

Router IOTter

The IOTter router is a network/access-point router equipped with WIFI/Ethernet interfaces. It has a WAN interface to connect to an ADSL router and a 3-port switch to connect to Ethernet devices.

It also comes with a RS232 complete serial, or, as an alternative, a RS485.

The USB port allows for the connection of USB/RS232/RS485/RS422 converters in order to expand the number of serial ports.

The USB port supports a wide range of 3G/4G modems when no ADSL connections are available, or to back up Internet connection.

It is provided on a low profile, modular, 4-unit box, height 35 mm, that fits an Omega track DIN-EN50022. Power source 12/40 VDC, temperature range -10/+70 °C.


Network router: supports basic network routers services (DHCP server, Firewall, Routing Engine, etc…)

IOTter VPN Client: a VPN client that paired with a Windows Client allows for remote connection to all the network devices connected to the router. The main characteristic of this feature is that it does not need any guest network configuration (for example an ADSL router, etc…) since it can bypass NAT and Firewall.

Remote Serial Control: it is possible to remotise the devices connected to the router serial via the IP RFC2217 standard.

IOTter Cloud Platform Client: A cloud platform client allows for data collection from devices connected via serial or network through the Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCPIP protocol.

The IOTter router is able to carry out the datalog of the collected parameters and a pre-processing in order to keep the network load to a minimum.

The “Telnet” operating mode is also available within the Modbus master service, which allows for an extension of RS485 ports to data collection by means of connecting the router to ethernet/serial converters and to all those converters that are equipped with a Telnet server.

Configuration: an easy WEB interface allows for the configuration of the router and the supported services.

IOTter Lite Module

IOTter Lite Module

IOTter Lite Module is micro-controller module equipped with a WIFI interface available in SoftAP as well as Station mode.

It also comes with a complete RS232 serial or, in alternative, a RS485 through which it can communicate with external devices supporting the Modbus protocol.

Supplied with in-wall box. Power source 220 AC, temperature range -10/+70 °C.


WIFI connection: Simultaneous SoftAP and Station service.

IOTter Cloud Platform Client: A cloud platform client allows for data collection from devices connected via serial or network through the Modbus RTU protocol.

Configuration: an easy WEB interface allows for the configuration of the router and the supported services.

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